Taxi's on Bali & Lombok

Bluebird TaksiBesides the many scooters, jeeps and vans there are also taxis in Bali and Lombok.

There are 3 'kinds' ... You have Bluebird Taksi (usually lightblue cars), Ngurah Rai (mostly dark blue taxis), and the special airporttaxis (also from Ngurah Rai).

Taxi transportation from the airport is only possible with an airportaxi. When leaving at the airport go to the taxi-counter and buy a ride. The prices are displayed and are depending on your destination, the counter is not used. You get a taxi allocated, you show your receipt and you can leave. This system was introduced to exclude cheaters and confusion.

The Ngurah Rai-taxidrivers will often try to propose a fixed price instead of using their meter. Their meters are sometimes different. You usually pay more driving with this company.
The site of Ngurah Rai: (seems down, and no sign of a new site)

We rely only on the taxis of the Bluebird group. Their meters are all equally calibrated and they use them standard! They have a pretty good dispatching, which also guides new drivers to your destination.
The site of the Bluebird group:

The prices are, for our standards, very cheap. In 2005, the Indonesian government doubled the price of fuel (previously the government paid a big part). This is why the taxis in 2006 are more expensive than in 2004, but still, to our standards, very cheap!

Would you like to drive a whole day around in a taxi ask a taxi driver how much he asks for a full day, arrange a fixed price and drive without the meter. You would be suprised how cheap this can be. Your own private driver... (most of time they dont speak english) !

Logo of the Bluebirdtaxi's on Bali & Lombok


Local phonenumbers:
Bluebird Bali : 701111
Bluebird Lombok: 627000