• Een pottenbakker aan het werk in zijn huis in Rumak, Lombok in 2006.


The island of Lombok

Lombok is located approximately 50 kilometers east of Bali. But there are many differences between the 2 islands.
Bali is a predominantly Hindu island, Lombok, on the other hand, is predominantly Muslim. Therefore, the island is often called the island of a thousand mosques, you will find one on every corner.

On Lombok you will find pristine white beaches, a big (still active) volcano, smaller isles which are a real paradise for divers (including coral), beautiful vistas, good food and much much more.

Lombok is also known for its traditional pottery, woven baskets and their pearl-farms.
For several years (in 1999 it was still under construction), there is a real Shopping Mall in Mataram City, with even a McDonalds in it.

Wetu Telu and Wetu Lima,
a mix of Islam and traditional beliefs in Lombok

According to the so called lontar-books Pangeran Sangopati brought Islam to Lombok, his oldest son founded the Wetu Lima and his youngest son the Wetu Telu, which flourished and knew many followers. Wetu Telu is a religion that mixes elements of Islam with older animist beliefs and worship of their ancestors. But because of pressure from the more orthodox Muslims on the island this belief has gone underground today an has around 28,000 believers. The Wetu Telu doesnt pray five times a day, fast only three days during Ramadan and hold ceremonies in trees. Telu means three, the followers believe therefore in three cardinal rules in life, belief in God, the leaders of the community and parents. Respect for nature and its gifts, the ancestors and ghosts is therefore enormous. The rituals of the Wetu Telu are all about the ceremonies in honor of the ancestors, naming of children, marriages, funerals and the planting of rice.